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Are you stressed about selling your property the traditional way and want to know if there’s another way to do it? In this video, I’m going to introduce you to our Seller Trading Program, a convenient way to sell your property without hassles and headaches. I’ll explain the traditional selling process and compare it with our program so you can decide the right path for you.

Selling Your Home | Trade In Program

Traditional Selling

Selling a house can be a huge headache even in the most ideal situation—which is why we offer the Seller Trading Program. It’s never been more convenient to sell your property, especially if you don’t want or can’t go through a traditional sales process. Let’s first look at what selling your property looks like when you do it traditionally.

First, you need to get the home ready to be shown. Next, you need to wait for a buyer to come through. That could take several weeks or months. If you’re buying and selling at the same time, you may need to sell first. Or you might be buying new construction, but there’s no firm date yet when you’re going to close.

So if you just don’t want to have to go through the hassle of showings, open houses, and more, our trading program is best suited to address any one of these situations. Here’s exactly how it works.

Our Seller Trading Program

First, we analyze your situation and we get you fully underwritten for your dream home loan. Then, we’ll fund the purchase of your new home with our funds, giving you the power of acting as a cash buyer. That way, you’re able to make a super-strong offer and close confidently.

Once your new home is purchased, you’ll move into it. We’ll then get to work to prepare your old house for the market. Once your new home is purchased, you’ll move into it, and then we’ll go to work to get your house ready to get it sold for top dollar. Once it’s ready, we’ll list it for sale.

With our program, you don’t have to worry about showings or repairing your old property for sale. We take care of everything. This means you’ll have the ability to purchase your new house without having to sell your current house first. You can then enjoy the stress-free transition of only moving once from your current home to your new dream home. And by purchasing your next house as a cash offer, you can beat out the competition.

You also won’t have to feel like you’re settling on your new house. Rather, you get to take your time and find the one you really want. Plus, you’ll get to avoid all the hassle that goes along with living in a house while we’re showing it and selling it. And if your old home needs renovations, we will transform it into a turnkey, move-in ready home to maximize its resale value—all on our dime.

A Stress-Free Process

So if you’re interested in selling your property more conveniently, our trading program is designed exactly for you. If you’d like to learn more, getting started is very simple. Simply reach out to us and I or someone on my team will be right back in touch with you. We’ll start walking you through exactly how our program works. We look forward to hearing from you!

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