Trading In Your Home For A New One?

Selling your old home while trying to buy a new one is stressful and so much can go wrong if you don’t time things well. We can make the process happen in a smooth and stree-free way for you!

Selling Your Home | Trade In Program

Get Pre-Approved!

We will first get you underwritten for your dream home mortgage loan with a fantastic lender and get you ready to make a CASH OFFER on your new home!

Buying Your New Home

Once we secure your new home, you get to move right in either with a short term loan or as a lease-option tenant!

Sell Your Old House

Then we get to work and sell your old home. We list the house on the market for top dollar sale.

How To Buy And Sell At The Same Time [ CASE STUDY ]

What Does A Trade In Look Like In Action??

This is the story of how my client Laura traded her Hollywood Hills house for a dream condo. I’ll show you how we were able to use creative problem-solving to get Laura into the home she really wanted.

Is This The Right Option For You?

If you think you need to sell your home before you can buy a new one, maybe you don’t have to with this option! We’d love to make this happen for you, so if this is possibly of interest to you, give us a call!

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